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Vacuum Solutions

Providing an easy to use and dependable method for cleaning the inside of a vehicle compliments all of the wash equipment you have installed. Crescent Vacuum Stanchions are the logical upgrade to attract new customers and market additional services.

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Vacuum Stanchions

Industrial grade Crescent Vacuum Stanchions are a great way to provide a superior vacuum service, draw in customers with high visibility, and market your wash as a full featured self-serve facility.

Vacuum Stanchions

  • Industrial Grade Stanchions
  • Single or Dual Vacuum Drop
  • 1-1/2” x 15’ Flexible Hose
  • Powder Coated in Your Choice of Colors

  • Overhead Vacuum Piping
  • Vacuum Debris Separator
  • Vacuum Claw Holder or Crevice Tool
  • LED Light Bar
  • Push Button Start
  • Refuse Container
  • Floor Mat Holder
  • Bottle Holder

car wash equipment vacuum stanchions

car wash equipment vacuum stanchions at night with options

Stanchions With Optional Light Bar & Refuse Containers

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car wash equipment crescent vacuum stanchion with light

Car Wash Equipment Vacuum Stanchion with LED Light