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Payment Solutions – Self- Serve

Security, reliability, and ease of use are what Carolina Pride payment solutions are known for. You can depend on the mechanics, technology, and support that we provide that insures consistent revenue collection for your Self-Serve car wash.

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Traditionally car wash systems have been stuck in the past, failing to leverage modern technologies to improve productivity and efficiency.

That is no longer the case, Mercury Global Vision is an all in one solution for the management and operation of your car wash business. As the brains behind the operation the Mercury Global Vision system processes transactions on wash bays, automatics, vacuums and is managed through an easy-to-use web interface.

Two editions exist to meet your needs, the compact standalone edition and the full featured cloud edition, each with specific benefits and features to suit your business.

  • Accept a variety of payment types on wash bays, automatics and vacuum
  • Web based logon with account
  • Advanced reporting
  • Supports multiple locations (wash cards usable at any car wash location)
  • Customers can log in online, see their balances and transaction history
  • Automated email reports
Accept Credit Cards
Process VISA
and MasterCard transactions
Detailed Reporting
Export reports to a
spreadsheet, pdf or email
Accept Cash
Accept coins and bills
Cloud Based*
Accessible anywhere
Accept Wash Cards
Accept payment from fleet
credit and prepaid cards
Multiple Locations*
Manage multiple car
wash locations with
one system

Two Mercury Global Vision Editions To Suit Your Needs


The standalone edition
includes a single self-contained
touchscreen computer that acts
as the car wash controller. All
software runs locally on the
standalone machine and is not
accessible outside the carwash.
The standalone edition is great
for small car washes that would
like to take advantage of great
car wash management features
on a smaller scale.


The cloud edition includes an
on-site computer for processing
car wash transactions and cloud
hosted car wash management
system accessible from
anywhere. The cloud edition
allows for multiple car wash
locations to be managed with
one system. Your customers
can also log in online and
manage their wash card

Cloud and Standalone Comparison Sheet



Accept payment from credit cards, bills, coins, key codes, and more
Manage fleet credit and prepaid wash cards dot dot
Offer prepaid card load promos and coupons dot dot
Live transaction monitoring dot dot
Configure wash bay and location settings dot dot
Export reports to spreadsheet, pdf or email dot dot
Track revenue by wash bay or payment type dot dot
Easy-to-use web based interface dot dot
Monitor staff logins and actions performed dot dot
Organize wash card accounts with a parent-child relationship dot dot
Weather forecasting and weather vs. sales reporting dot dot
Detailed transaction search dot dot
Supports wand wash, automatics and vacuums. dot dot
Multiple administrative accounts with various levels of restricted access dot
Log in and manage your business from anywhere dot
Allow your customer to log in online and manage their wash card accounts dot
Customers can load prepaid wash cards online dot
Supports multiple car wash locations dot
Fleet credit and prepaid card use at any car wash location in your network dot
Brand the system with your own logo, colors, etc. dot
SSL secured, cloud based, redundant and backed up automatically dot
Automatic future updates to the latest version and features dot

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Expanded Reports

Mercury Global Vision screen shots

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