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New Investors

Thank you for your interest in Carolina Pride Carwash, Inc.  We have helped hundreds of people start a car wash and achieve their goals to become profitable car wash owners and investors. From land and equipment purchase to car wash design,marketing and promotion, Carolina Pride knows the business and looks forward to assisting you.
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Keys to Success in the Car Wash Business

#1 Do you have a plan?

There are many keys to being successful in the car wash business but they all start with a plan.  Your plan will be tailored to your needs, your market, and your expectations. Carolina Pride helps investors develop their specific plan and is able to assist the new investor as well as the seasoned business owner to maximize their investing dollar and minimize their risk.  make your plan

#2 Equipment

The equipment you purchase for your self-serve or automatic car wash is arguably the most important investment in your business. Carolina Pride designs and builds their self-serve equipment with industrial grade components for ultimate quality and reliability.research your equipment

#3 Return on Investment

If you are not in business to make a profit you won’t be in business very long. Profit and or a good ROI, Return On Investment, are essential to your success. When you start a car wash it is critical to understand the elements that are directly responsible for your cash flow and how to sustain and grow your business.  The average yearly expense of operating a self-serve car wash is approximately 40% of the gross revenue.  You therefore have 60% ROI to service any debt, re-invest, and take home. Carolina Pride’s consultants can help you run the numbers to keep you in the the numbers

#4 Location

Site selection or location is another important key to your success.  Considerable time should be taken to study the market, traffic patterns and car counts, future zoning, and proposed commercial construction, utilities, and building restrictions. Carolina Pride can partner with you to help you understand and compare the benefits and liabilities of each prospective site.find the best site

#5 Building

Whether you are building from the ground up or upgrading an existing car wash, Carolina Pride has in-house designers, and consultants to insure that all the pieces work together. Site traffic flow, maneuverability, lighting, building materials, signage, and of course the aesthetics and style of your wash all play an important part in your success.see case studies

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