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Spot Free Systems

Carolina Pride has developed a superior Spot Free Rinse system to treat your hard or soft water. Industrial grade components and several and systems that can handle several capacities makes these water quality systems the right choice for your Spot Free Rinse feature.

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Super Flo-R.O.


The Super Flo-R.O. Series is designed to handle on-site water quality issues and provide the solution you need for your spot free rinse feature. You can expect an increase in wash revenue, vehicle shine, time sold in bay, and an overall better ROI.

super flo r.o. spot free rinse

How It Works

Using a technique called “cross-flow filtration,”  water is passed through a permeable membrane. A third of the water is allowed to permeate the membrane, removing most of its impurities, while the remaining water passes over the membrane’s surface, removing anything left behind. The water which has passed through the membrane is now ready for use.

Super Flo-RO RO System with Water Softener  Super Flo-RO-N RO System, No Water Softener Required FOR SITES WITH WATER HARDNESS LESS THAN 4 GRAINS.

Super Flo-RO-C RO System with Water Conditioner FOR SITES WITH WATER HARDNESS UP TO 50 GRAINS.

Super Flo-R.O.

Hard or soft water solutions for
spot free rinsing

  • Three System Variations to Meet Your Needs
  • Carbon Tank With Auto Back Flushing Head
  • Production & Reject Flow Meters
  • TDS Meter & Easy Access for Servicing
  • Wall Mount Design – Standard (Legs Optional)
  • Pre-Filter – Standard
  • 2200, 4400, 6600, 8800, or 13000 Gal. Per Day
  • Multiple Delivery Pump Options Available
  • Optional Conditioner for Sites Less Than 50 Grains of Hardness
  • Optional In-Bay Covers Available